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Quality Control

JCDRILL executes strict quality control from purchasing to production process accroding to ISO9001 and CE standard,We own professional quality testing department to check the quality before export the drilling tools to our customers. There are some pictures for innspection machines as your reference in the following:

ARS-202E ultrasonic flaw detector


ARS-202E can detect steel and internal macro defects ofthe product, which is very helpful to reduce the risk ofheat treatment quality and avoid early failure of the product.

Impact Testing Machine


Impact testing machine is is an ideal instrument for measuring the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load.The device can automatically control the operation of pendulum, impact and pendulum.

V-Shaped Notch Projector


V-Shaped Notch Projector amplifies and projects the U or V-shaped profiles of the measured parts to the screen to check their profiles and shapes with high accuracy utilizing the  optical projection method.

ARL 3460 direct-reading spectrum


ARL is the most reliable spectrum in the worldwhich can detect the chemical composition accurately.

Universal Materials Ttesting Machine


Through the universal material testing machine, the material strength and plastic toughness index can be comprehensively detected which is greathelp to material quality evaluation productselection heat treatment process formulation,failure analysis,etc.

Thread Image Measuring Instrument


The thread measuring instrument can be used to detect the tooth profile deviation, helix deviation, tooth pitch deviation, radial runout, and the tooth profile deviation, tooth pitch deviation, and radial runout of gear shaving cutter and gear shaper cutter. Equipped with seven seas measurement software, it is suitable for fast and complete detection of gear error items