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Working Principle Of Air DTH Hammer

Working principle of air DTH hammer

As shown in Figure 2-5, there is a piston in the cylinder. When the compressed air enters the upper chamber of the cylinder from the air inlet, the pressure of the compressed air acts on the upper end of the piston and pushes the piston to move downward. When it reaches the end point The tail of the impact drill bit, during the downward movement of the piston, the gas in the lower chamber space of the cylinder is discharged from the exhaust port. Conversely, when compressed air enters the lower chamber from the exhaust port, the piston moves upward, and the air above is discharged from the intake port. If the direction of intake and exhaust is continuously changed, the reciprocating motion of the piston in the cylinder can be realized, so as to repeatedly impact the tail of the drill bit and realize the continuous operation of the impact drill bit. The aperture range of American recording code (NU-MA) pneumatic DTH hammer is 89~1092mm, the impact frequency is 1750~925 times/min, the working pressure is 2.4~1.4MPa; the aperture range of domestic Jiaxing pneumatic DTH hammer is 85~450mm, and the impact frequency is 85~450mm. 1200~840 times/min, working pressure 0.63~1.6MPa.

Post time: Nov-11-2022