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What Is A Down The Hole Drill?

DTH HAMMER AND BITS.What is a down the hole drill?

Usage characteristics

The engineering anchor drill can be used for drilling rock anchor cable holes, anchor bolt holes, blasting holes, grouting holes and other drilling operations in urban buildings, railways, highways, rivers, hydropower and other projects.


1. Down the hole drilling machine uses motor and high-performance reducer as rotary power; Use cylinder as propulsion power. The hydraulic system is omitted, so the mechanical efficiency is high, the cost is low, and the performance is stable.

2. It has anti seize protection, so that the motor is not easy to burn down and the reducer is not easy to damage when the drilling tool is stuck.

3. It is light and easy to move. The whole weight of the DTH drill is less than 500Kg, and it can be divided into three pieces. It is convenient to move and put on the shelf.

4. The track is not easy to wear due to rolling carriage.

5. Down the hole drilling machine adopts semi-automatic disassembly of drill pipe, with high working efficiency.

Post time: Nov-11-2022